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A child is for all of us a long-expected gift, an opportunity, an obligation and a duty. We have all been children once and that experience will help to remind us how things used to be then.

People love being searched for and being found and children with special needs are no exception here. There are things that only children can see and hear and in this case we cannot say that we know better.

Who owns children? It is important that children primarily own themselves. Their relationships with adults should be supporting, warm, emotional, balancing. A kind heart is superior to knowledge; it is the beginning of knowledge.

The future inhabitants of Haraka Home also have the same needs as ordinary people, but they just cannot express them in the same way.

They need to feel cared for and safe, to understand others and be understood, receive approval, be together and part of a group. These young people feel the need to use all their senses, learn to control their bodies, to move and thus extend their surroundings; they need to explore and test, affect their environment via their actions and see the results, make choices and cope as independently as possible.

Maria Montessori, the renowned Italian educator has said that what is good for special needs children is always good for ordinary children and children with special needs only do a little less than others. A child is an independent and creative person who is asking us: “Help me do this on my own!”. All children at the Haraka Home have a great deal of internal strength to develop themselves.

We agree with Pippi Longstocking: “Don’t be afraid, I will always manage!” and she added: “Grown-ups never have any fun, they only have loads of boring work to do.”

But us, grown-ups, have children whom we love and respect.
You do not have to do something big every day, but you can always do something good!

People of the Haraka Home.